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Chuck & Venice (Listing & Purchase)

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When my wife and I left our house to meet the listing agent on a house we were interested in we had no idea how truly lucky we were about to become.  We arrived at the house and met Laura and, although the house wasn’t what we were looking for, Laura definitely was.  We did not have an agent, but after meeting Laura we knew we wanted to work with her and have her help us find “the house” as my wife and I referred to it.  Laura has the patience of a saint because while my wife and I typically agree on most things we couldn’t agree on “the house”.  Laura showed us so many homes we lost track of the number, but she never hesitated to get right back at it the next day.  She was always quick to provide both her professional and personal opinion on the houses we looked at, which helped my wife and I avoid some potentially bad decisions. When our search finally ended and we finally found “the house” I suddenly realized Laura was just getting started; she was on top of every aspect of the loan process, home inspections, HOAs, utilities and all the other processes that seem to come out of nowhere. She stayed on top of the loan company, the seller’s realtor, inspectors, etc.  When the day came for closing we found it wasn’t just us. Everyone likes Laura, especially the people at the Title Company which made closing that much more enjoyable. When it came time to list our other home a few weeks later, there was no doubt who we were going with. Laura used all her experience and knowledge of the housing industry to make sure our house was ready to sell before it was ever listed. We were prepared for a long sales process, but never in our wildest dreams did we ever think Laura would sell it in 20 days for full asking price.  Laura is the nicest, hardest working and most professional realtor we have ever worked with and I will steer all my friends to Laura when they are ready to buy, or sell their homes.

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