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Joel & Lisa (Listing & Purchase)

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An absolute professional experience in both selling and purchasing! Laura provided quick information on every aspect of the buying/selling process, leveraging her long-term experience as well as her vast networking resources to manage both transactions. Not only did she firmly manage all of the tasks required to sell and buy a property as my representative but she was just as diligent in keeping the buying/selling agents honest and on time with their responsibilities. The buying agent for my home was a nightmare and ridiculously sloppy with her responsibilities and unrealistic requests, simply put, Laura managed the agent properly and kept the process moving forward. Both the house sold and house purchased were on well water systems with drain fields, this requires extra documentation and inspections which she was fully on top of. Her recommendations for agencies to handle inspections and repairs were excellent. The list goes on and on. She was prepared and had me prepared for every step in the process and every issue that arose. Buying and selling real estate within a tight time period takes a highly experienced agent to coordinate all activities, set proper expectations, and handle any and all of the glitches that can pop up (things will pop up!). I cannot express my gratitude enough for all of the work Laura put into the entire process ensuring each of my transactions went through as smoothly as possible and were financially well positioned. There is a reason she is highly respected in the industry and I am ever thankful for her intellect, work ethic, and steadfast dedication.

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