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Paul & Abbie (Rental Listing)

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We had the privilege of working with Laura as our Realtor while we considered what to do with an investment property.  At first we were thinking to sell, but ultimately decided to refinance and rent.  Laura was willing to help with anything we needed, and was patient while we went through the refinance process.  Once we were ready to list our property for rent, Laura jumped right on it and got all the information needed to list our property.  We had some lowball offers right away, but based on the market research that Laura provided, she suggested that we hold firm on our asking price.  A week or two later, we got the offer we wanted.  Laura ran the credit check, identified red flags, and gave us all the information we needed to make a decision.  It’s been 4 months now and our tenants are turning out to be the perfect renters.  Thanks Laura!

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